Advanced PureLiving™ is a premier provider of environmentally-friendly, advanced technology products including air purifiers, solar lawn and garden items and specialized pet products.  



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Thank you for checking out If you're through looking around our site for now, here is a growing collection of links from our friend's sites with all sorts of useful information. We've even added a couple of my other websites you might find interesting. Happy web surfing and thank you again for visiting.


Real Spirit USA, Inc.: The corporate website for our parent company, an innovative consumer products group dedicated producing reliable, affordable cutting-edge products in four primary areas: 1) Advanced PureAir and Ultra-Pure air purifiers; 2) Pet-Pro eco friendly, pet care and grooming products; 3) Sol-Air solar powered lawn and garden lights and wind chimes; and 4) InPower solar chargers that allow you to charge your cell phone, MP3 player other portable electronic devices anywhere the sun shines.


Ultra-Pure Air Purifier's Website: Air purifiers by Ultra-Pure and Advanced PureAir are the air purifier industry's best, employing up to 9 filtration technologoes to kill odors, air pollutants and germs. More air purifier technologies than Oreck®, Ionic Breeze® and all the rest!


HGTV's "Living with Ed" Starring Ed Begley, Jr.: Official site for HGTV's hit show "Living with Ed" starring actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson. Watch as the couple take on eco-friendly projects with both celebrity guests and regular viewers. The best part is watching Ed go greener and greener as Rachel tries not to lose her mind. Plus, did we mention that Ed is the spokesperson for several of our products which are also frequently featured on the show.


Wizard Industries/SampleRewards: In addition to manufacturing and distributing over 60 of their our own products, the company's patented product exposure system called SampleRewards powers our 100 plus web sites. This system provides a platform to market new products and inventions to the news media, potential retailers and consumers. Qualified retailers can search for products (such as our own air purifiers, garden and pet products), request samples, download product specs and place wholesale orders quickly and efficiently from the site.



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